Blurb Articles

You will find most of my articles on this page and I’ve made them so that they can be downloaded as PDF files. Please register before downloading anything from this site and recognize that all materials are copyright protected. Here is a list of the files that are being uploaded and made available free of charge. The opinions expressed are strictly my own…

11/13/20 Climbing on a roof safety

11/27/20 Where did those signals go on 80M?

1/8/21 Building an Inductance/Capacitance meter

1/15/21 Blowing in the wind – measure your antenna with an antenna analyzer

1/29/21 Building a two-tone generator

2/5/21 VE6BGR – part one on the NanoVNA

2/5/21 A coaxial trap for 40 and 80M

2/12/21 Too many radios, too many antennas – What???

2/19/21 Going off the Grid

2/26/21 An article from Ed VA7BN on his antenna farm

3/5/21 Noise is always a challenge

3/12/21 VE6BGR – part two on the NanoVNA

3/19/21 Getting on the air

4/2/21 Don’t you just love living in this country?

4/9/21 VE6BGR – part three on the NanoVNA

4/16/21 One day to get it done – an antenna tuner project

4/23/21 An interesting lesson learned about antenna interaction

4/30/21 Another lesson in perseverance – fixing an MFJ 1886 loop antenna

5/7/21 Grounding in the shack

5/14/21 Finding interference with a small loop

5/21/21 Blowing stuff up – protection for your SDR

6/4/21 VHF happenings in Calgary – VE6MB Tino

7/9/21 Knowing the regulations regarding antenna structures in Canada

7/9/21 Don’t overload your antenna structure

7/16/21 An RX loop

8/13/21 Finding parts for projects

8/20/21 Some stuff I learned about expensive switches

8/20/21 What does line noise look and sound like

8/27/21 Cooler weather is coming – get ready for fall

9/3/21 Antenna tuners that work

9/10/21 Using the RF gain control to improve receiver reception

10/01/21 A communications receiver to build – part I

10/15/21 A communications receiver to build – part II

10/22/21 A communications receiver to build – part III

11/12/21 Finding RFI – A presentation to the Calgary VHF/UHF Group

11/19/21 Up in a tree – making a saddle for antennas that protect the tree

11/26/21 Understanding home build traps and how they work

01/14/22 Horizontal vs vertical Delta Loop antenna

01/28/22 Building an Equipment Rack

02/4/22 Getting Started in Amateur Radio