Should Ham Radio Be at Street Wheelers?

Street Wheelers is an event held every summer for a few days in July in Lethbridge AB. It includes a great parade of beautiful vehicles on display at the Galt Gardens for the weekend. While thinking about it for a few minutes this morning and before I started writing my weekly blurb, I thought what a great place to include some of the best of the best in terms of ham radio mobile installations. Not only would it be a great place to show off our handiwork, but what an important event to show off Ham Radio as well. So, although I didn’t mention anything in the blurb about it, I think I would like to challenge any and all ham radio guys and gals to enter their handiwork into next year’s street wheelers event. Let’s see what we can do and promote amateur radio to yet another group of hobbyists who like all things dealing with vehicles and stuff to modify and build. Let’s show them yet another all-encompassing hobby to become involved with.

While thinking about it, I want to mention one of the best examples of mobile installation in this area and the wonderful work Jerry VE6AB has done to make his mobile installation spectacular. Have a look at Jerry’s website called

Jerry is a man of many talents including a machinist, ham radio operator and is an amazing photographer as well. It’s funny because when I was traveling to and fro from Calgary a number of years ago we used to meet on the FARS radio network on 2M and discuss photography and other stuff and he kept me company for many hours on my journey. So much so that many hams tuned in to just listen and the comment, “I was listening to the Tom and Jerry show on the FARS repeater system this morning” was coined.

So just think about the challenge I put forth to all of you to get involved in mobile operation and show off the results at next year’s Street Wheelers perhaps. This could be another tradition to get started in ham radio. See you at the show and parade.